The creation of creative Landing page for the network coworking space pesados in Barcelona.

Design landing page should display space and minimalism coworking space. The design presents a nice workflow for different people. Which can not only find help colleagues, but also to have fun.



Strategy & Concept

Reframing a running experience required various discovery and conception phases, detailed research, different user experience solutions and countless scribbled wireframes. A first thought of processing into a gamification direction was discarded soon – a minimalistic, straight forward approach made it definite.A detailed investigation and countless skeletons mark, allowed to come to a minimalist concept design. The main emphasis in the design was proposed to the animation of objects and their interaction with the user. What would the user was interestno and informative interact with the site.

UI Design

Promo Page

Other devices

Adaptive design

Exceptional user experience

Intuitive navigation, high resolution photography, clear content structure and interaction points throughout the website give this user an exceptional experience while searching for coworking space.

Client: Interambient (Oficina 24)

UI/UX & Design: Sergey Antonov