Development landing page and UI/UX design online store for dealers women's outerwear "Electra style".

As planned by the customer home page e-shop is to be landing page. Online store focused on small and large bulk purchases of seasonal clothing and collections. The basic concept of online shopping is the ease of use, t. To. The large part of the target audience are people with poor computer literacy.

Shop Online to decide the goal of attracting new partners and an increase in wholesale purchases.

Landing page

Option agreed with the customer

Due to the inability of the customer to use a model to be published on photographing Landing page fresh announcements page undergone re design.


To demonstrate the capabilities of the Internet shop "Electra style" was created by the dynamic prototype program Axure RP. In the process of prototyping we decided that allowed certain tasks competently implement the filter catalog, product detail page, and shopping cart functionality.




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Product Catalogue

roduct Catalog allows the user to find the desired product with a filter to select options displayed on the screen product and provides information about the already scanned products.

Product Detail

Detailed product page allows the user to select the type of fabric, color and number of the number of choices. Order already formed product configuration is displayed on the page as the product with the purchase, you can choose certain accessories.
For faster ordering the purchase of the product is provided in a single click, and for customer convenience, a system for product reviews.


Contact page allows the user to find out how to get to the offices of the company, includes contact information and contacts menedzherov.Esli user does not know his manager, he can send an inquiry to the company and get the right information in the form of a call back.